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E-carceration, short for electronic incarceration, is when authorities use surveillance technology like ankle monitors, cameras, and GPS to track and control people in their own communities.

While e-carceration might get some people out from behind bars, the same technology makes it easier to monitor and punish more people overall, and Black, brown, and immigrant communities have become the biggest targets. Having fewer people behind bars, but giving authorities more power to punish Black, brown, and immigrant communities is not a just solution to the problems of mass incarceration.

Download: E-Carceration (Poster)

What makes communities safe? Prisons? Border checkpoints? What about well-resourced schools? Or living wage jobs for workers? Read the “What makes communities safe?” comic book to learn how Freedom to Thrive works to create a world where safety means investment in people and planet, and to end the punishment-based criminal and immigration systems.

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