Freedom to Thrive is hiring!

At Freedom To Thrive we are actively working to create a world where safety means investment in people & planet and to end the punishment-based criminal and immigration systems. We understand that those who will join our team are from the very communities most impacted by criminalization, which is why we have a commitment to support the healing and liberation journey of each member of our team to become active participants in social change from within.

Our theory of change invests in the healing and leadership of communities most impacted by criminalization. And we believe that by engaging them in strategic campaigning and relationship-building across race and genders, is how we win. We convene campaigns for reinvestment and against criminalization, build movements that unite Black and brown communities, and offer healing justice training programs and mentorship towards liberation. We are organizing for a world where Black and brown communities are safe and can thrive, have resources to build from, and relationships rooted in mutual dignity. And we believe that we will win.

For us winning includes providing those same resources to our staff. One cannot take anyone somewhere they haven’t been. Therefore, we ask all staff to participate in our healing justice program, take advantage of our health and wellness package, and create self-care action plans as part of their job responsibilities. Self-care is imperative for organizers on the frontlines of social justice to do their own healing from intergenerational trauma, historical oppression, institutional racism and interpersonal violence. We are aware that our staff lives at the intersection of oppression, and comes to work with their own stories of resilience and trauma.

We have values that are important to us.

This means: 

  • Investing in Black leadership and Black liberation
  • Supporting leadership of youth, women, and gender non-conforming people
  • Generating collective healing and wellness
  • Practicing transformative solutions to harm
  • Caring for all of our communities
  • Building in collaboration, not competition
  • Practicing accountability to each other and our principles

The values mentioned above are staff agreements that ensure that healing with accountability is at the center of our personal and organizational development. Healing justice embodies sacred leadership. Our wellness package supports staff in integrating spirituality into their lives, the organization and the movements they create and are a part of.  

All of our liberation, transformative and healing justice practices will bring in a new leadership that embodies joy and Black love, and a new way of engaging in our organizational systems and culture. It is our commitment that our staff and the communities we work for be able to pull on their joy, strengths and resiliency when the collective, the community and the organization face multiple forms of oppression and violence and use them to interrupt and dismantle capitalism, patriarchy and white supremacy.


Lead Organizer – Job Description

New York City based

At Freedom To Thrive, we strive to embody our deepest values and Pro-Black principles as we support and care for our people. We offer benefits and policies that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the most vulnerable, and also honor each of us as impacted individuals. 

We are seeking a lead for developing a national strategy that aligns our local efforts, strengthens our programs, and supports the leadership and capacity of frontline community partners. This position calls for an experienced and strategic leader who is excited to try new things to achieve campaign goals and explore future opportunities. This person will work closely with the Director(s) to ensure a well balanced organizational culture and provide support for the programs team. 



  • Lead the Freedom to Thrive team to develop vision and reach goals for programs and training.
  • Ensure all programs have strong long-term and short-term goals that fulfill Freedom to Thrive’s mission
  • Ensure strong evaluations of campaign work, and that evaluations inform future plans
  • Ensure strong tracking and storytelling of organizational victories, identity, strengths, and accomplishments
  • Provide support for local program coordinators
  • Represent Freedom to Thrive as needed with current and potential national funders, participants, and allies, in a way that builds and deepens existing relationships
  • Facilitate meetings and trainings for Freedom to Thrive
  • Support curriculum development for Freedom to Thrive trainings 
  • Coordinate and facilitate regular work group meetings, and ensure assigned tasks are completed according to deadlines.


  • Support the Director(s) in development of organizational budget
  • Support the Director(s) in development of fundraising and donor management strategy


  • Support the Director(s) in ensuring efficient supervisory policies and practices
  • Support the Director(s) in staff planning and coordination, ensuring that goals are set and met, and that Freedom to Thrive has strong long-range and short-range plans
  • Support upkeep of administrative systems, including database, supervising, and communications


  • Alignment with mission, vision, and goals of Freedom to Thrive, and a strong political commitment to social justice
  • Computer proficiency
  • Lived experience working with multiracial communities and settings
  • 5 years experience of campaign organizing, coalition building and leadership of 1 or more of the following:
    • Low-income communities
    • BIPOC
    • Immigrants
    • Youth
    • Women  
    • LGBTQ+ communities 
    • Individuals who have been incarcerated or detained
  • 5 years experience facilitating and leading trainings 
  • Ability to travel and work evenings and weekends when needed
  • 5 years experience working collaboratively in a team
  • 2 years experience with team management
  • Ability to multitask, problem solve, manage time and work independently
  • Ability to represent Freedom to Thrive in a variety of settings
  • A commitment to engage in transformative practices as a tool to resolve conflict and further develop your role in the organization.
  • A commitment to engage in healing justice and create a self-care action plan, integrating personal and organizational health and wellness services


We prioritize an organizational culture of wellness, healing and transformation, and work hard to maintain this through a shared commitment to trust-building work and principled struggle. We embody practices of communal accountability as a means to resolve tension and grievances, and provide safety for our team members. Although we do not require past experience in such practices, we do ask for prior consent in the form of an agreement to honor and support the continued development of these practices.


We are offering a salary of  $55,000 – $60,000 plus a robust benefits package, including time off, health, dental, life, health reimbursements and wellness benefits.
Please send resume and cover letter to