The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade threatens the health and bodily autonomy of millions of women, children, trans men and non-binary people in the US.

Anti-abortion legislation has nothing to do with preserving life. Supposedly ‘pro-life’ politicians have had nothing to say about ICE forced sterilization measures, or the large infant/maternal mortality rate of Black & Indigenous people due to lack of access to care. They have openly advocated separating families at the border and starving migrant babies. They have never supported healthcare or economic measures that promote safe & sustainable communities.

Access to abortion is and always has been part of comprehensive reproductive health care. Abortions will continue to happen regardless of what the laws dictate. Abortion bans will only drive them unground and worsen health outcomes for already marginalized people.

Anti-abortion legislation is not pro-life: it’s pro-white supremacy, as these laws are a direct threat to the health of Black and Indigenous, People of Color, further criminalizing already over-policed communities.

Although many of us feel an urgent rush to “do something”, now more than ever it’s necessary to uplift BIPOC-led organizations that have been doing this work. White-led organizations have not fully protected the communities of color who are most impacted by these unjust laws.

To find an abortion fund to in your area, visit Some other BIPOC led organizations doing great reproductive work are:  Black Women for Wellness, Forward Together, Sister Song, Emergent Fund,