Many of you have followed the innovative work of our National Prison Divestment Campaign over the past decade. We have been incredibly successful in building Black & Brown led campaigns against the Prison Industry. We know that corporations and the state will try to pit us against each other and make us work in silos. But we know better.
Our intersectional campaigns bridge the immigrant and criminal systems, and bridge ICE and policing. We are committed to build unity among Black & Brown communities so that they can thrive.
Recently we have been successful in pressuring New York City and New York State to divest from this industry. But now it is time to bring the fight to California. We are partnering with Teachers in California like Educators for Migrant Justice to target CalSTRS and CalPERS.
Stand with us to end the criminalization of our communities!
Sign the petitions to pressure CalSTRS and CalPERS
Attend the board meetings: CalSTRS: September 20th and CalSTRS: September 24th
Call CalSTRS at 800-228-5453 and CalPERS at 888-225-7377
Lets make California the next state that stands up for Black and Brown communities.