On Friday January 20th we launched #FreedomCities in New York City. This campaign redefines what safety and freedom truly means for our communities. We dream of a city where our entire community can live freely with safety and in their full dignity. Our communities can’t wait and neither can our freedom.
FreedomCitiesNYC is centered around platform which is grounded in our allies across movements, especially within the movement for black lives. Demands include: Worker Rights, Safety Beyond Policing, Hate Free Zones, Community Control, Invest in Humanity, and Political Power.
Our resistance goes beyond demanding that our municipalities end collaborating with immigration. When we demand an end to ICE-Police collaboration, we are also demanding the dismantling of the entire system of mass incarceration and systematic police brutality. When we demand safety for immigrants we are also unequivocally demanding safety for all people of color, for women, for queer and trans people, for gender nonconforming people, for muslims and for all oppressed people.
Our movement will not stop here. It will spread because now more than ever we need to organize together. We need to reach out not only in solidarity, but working together for one long term goal. We must engage in transformational movement building.