On July 13 New York State decided to divest its nearly $10 million in pension investments from private prisons corporations, The Geo Group and CoreCivic!!
This is a big and necessary step forward from New York State Comptroller DiNapoli, to divest New Yorkers pensions from the inhumane private prison industry. The decision comes at a much needed time when we are seeing pictures of children being ripped from their families and detained in horrible and traumatic conditions.
New York State is joining a growing movement of cities and universities that together have divested billions from private prisons, an industry that cage’s people and profits off the criminalization and incarceration of our communities. This victory has finally happened after pressure from the National Prison Divestment Campaign and the Corporate Backers of Hate Campaign as we demand that people‚Äôs money is not used to cage our communities.
Just last year our campaign divested over $4 billion from the for-profit industry. But we know that divestment is not enough for the people that have been incarcerated by the criminal and immigration systems and the many families suffering. The fight against CoreCivic and The Geo Group is continuous and we won’t stop until ICE and prisons are abolished!! We are also working towards reparations and reinvestments, like the effort to create a NYC Public Bank. We hope this is a deeper commitment from NYS to work towards ending the systems that disappear immigrant, Black and Brown communities.