We are winning! The Movement against the Prison Industry achieved incredible victories this month. New York and New Jersey State Pensions Divested! The Nashville City Council passed a divestment resolution, and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) is reviewing their prison investments.
Next in line to divest is Chase. That’s why this morning we paid a visit to the house of Chase CEO Jamie Dimon to demand they follow suit and divest! This bank is one of the forces advocating for the incarceration of children and families, while profiting from their pain and suffering.
But divestment is not enough. We are leading the Freedom Cities Movement to liberate our communities from All Cages- whether they be prisons or gps shackles. We Want Freedom for All Immigrants and Communities of Color, which is why we are building power locally to demand investment in people and the planet!
We need you to join us these next two weeks as we take to the streets to target Million Shares Club members Wells Fargo and Chase who are kidnapping and caging our children and families; Politicians who are taking money from the Private Prison Lobby to pass laws to criminalize Black and Brown communities; and the current Administration that is behind all of this.
Take action today: Sign the Petition demanding Wells Fargo and Chase divest and Donate Now to Support Our Work.
I hope to see you in the streets buidling Freedom Cities with us.